Meet Jacque Chapman

Welcome to this space of Choosing Greater~ For You, For The Planet, For All Of Humanity. It is an Immense Space.

I’ve spent a lifetime in the healing fields… with people, with animals, with the earth.  I’ve always known that the body’s innate intelligence to heal is within the body itself.  What if a happy, healthy body contributes more to the earth’s sustainability than we could ever imagine?

Consciousness with your body allows for a new space of life and living to exist upon this planet that has never existed before now.

What futures of kindness and generosity of spirit can we actualize here that up until now have only been spoken to?

Is it time to ‘Bring It Home’?  Is it time to bring the knowing into physical actualization?  The knowing that life and living can be so much greater, that money can show up with so much more ease and joyous joy, that your body is your greatest contribution to you in this lifetime, and that the true space of kindness begins with YOU here, now.

I’m finding that my gifts and capacities to contribute to the expansion of possibilities for you is one that continues to create something that is rare and beautiful and a great kindness to the body and the being.

Is it time to create something new for you?  I invite you to join me in an a class, or a private session (on-line or in-person) or come in person to a 22 Day Experience.  What does your body know about what is available here?

Jacque Chapman utilizes a lifetime of tools and techniques in every session.

Her previous credentials include:

Access Conscisouness™ Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider™ Certified Facilitator | Certified Facilitator for Access Consciousness™  | Access Consciousness™ Symphony of Possibilities Practitioner | Access Consciousness™ Body Process Facilitator  | Access Consciousness™ ESSE Practitioner | Rapid Eye Technology™ Master Technician | Access Consciousness™ Bars Facilitator

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