What is the 22 Day Experience?

Embodiment~ In this lifetime, there is very little we’ve ever been told about the immensity of embodiment or about the possibilities of having a body in this lifetime as an infinite being can BE.

Communion with your Body~ If you’ve ever wondered if there’s more to life and living than what we’ve been told…you’re correct!  What would it be like to know and trust your body in a way that you’ve always known was possible and perhaps, you just didn’t know how to access it fully?

Designed to create communion

With your body in a way that few have ever experienced

“What if you, the infinite being, designed your body to be the ultimate physical expression of YOU?”

What if your body is the finest vehicle you could ever have in this lifetime?   What if your body’s designed to bring you EVERYTHING you could ever ask for in a way that is faster, simpler, and more phenomenal than what you’ve ever been told is actually possible?

A series of Heart Activations

We are activating dormant systems in the body that when activated, allow the body to create itself as generative.  These are systems in the body that are dormant or barely operating in most bodies due to judgment.  When these systems are ‘ON’, judgment cannot exist within the body in the same space as the activated systems… this allows for a dynamic space of creation with your life and living that few have ever had access to.  Jacque’s facilitation creates a potent space that allows you to choose greater as you are ready to step into more.   The 22 Days is the an expansive ‘life changing’ catylyst for those seeking to be finished with the overlays of judgment…this is a beautiful space of ‘being’ where the ‘doing’ to get out of judgment cannot exist…for it just IS and you just BE.

The 22 Day Experience or ‘22 Heart Activations’ is one session per day with Jacque for 22 Days in a row.  The first session will be about 90 minutes and Days 2-22 you receive a 45-60 min session each day.  We cannot miss a day, as it is important to have the full 22 days in a row for completion.

Many describe the sessions as creating immense space for them and their bodies to function from and as…super relaxing…and dynamically life changing.  The 22 Days is just the beginning of you creating your life and living from the space of what is TRUE for you.

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